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Automate the traditional data training work with a simple workflow


Our Story

It's not a secret that the most time-consuming part of any computer vision project is data preparation, especially labeling. Moreover, it’s the most important part — without a high-quality training dataset, even the most recent neural network architecture will fail to learn.

Our Vision

Reduce dramatically the time to develop or Implement an AI Service/Application by providing the largest trained and qualified
dateset as a platform.
We make Trained Datasets Services Accessible to anyone!


We're developing a software system that automatically builds various neural-network by suiting most appropriate training data, cleanse the data, augment it and then train itself. Eventually this software system enables self-service labeling that is essential for any AI software.


How it works

Smart & Fast

To become the Largest aggregator of Dataset as a Platform we're continually searching and collecting public and private Datasets to be trained and improved by setup automatically hundreds and thousands of Neural Networks for future data annotation and labeling projects. .

Cost effective

ProjAIX offers a platform that liberate the AI companies from the above process with simple, yet extremely fast annotation platform, that does all the data set preparation for the AI companies.
For everyday needs, ProjAIX platform enables data scientists and software companies quality assurance by external evaluator for their development progresses. Accordingly, ProjAIX offers its customers additional datasets for their specific needs.

ML Validation

ML Validation

Dataset comparison to Industry standard

Improve ML  capabilities based on ground truth results 

Dataset validation and quality assurance

Innovative Technology

ProjAIX platform
is a game changer in the AI community

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